Creatively crafted wines - and always entertaining!
If you like wine and being entertained, you've come to the right place. Mark and Sherry continue to impress with their wine-craft. And you won't be leaving the winery with a frown on your face - Mark will have you in stitches during your entire visit. Be sure to have a little of Sherry's Kiss. But my favorite (sorry Sherry) is Deep Ellum.

Rustic, friendly and genuine
This is not a fancy place but rather one where the owners love what they do and are willing to make a very good product so othere can enjoy it also. The wine tasting area is next to the vines so you feel very connected to the wines. There is a large variety of flavors. We liked it so much we bought 12 bottles.

 Craig Giannelli reviewed Fiddler's Vineyard — 5 star
Fiddler's is a very special winery. Nestled in the rural farmlands of Cherryville, just 22 minutes North of Shelby and a quick skip away from South Mountain. It's the perfect visit post adventure.
They're one of the few places not afraid to break out of the same old and try, experiment and take risks with their wines. This makes them both extremely memorable and a wonderful experience for this Jaded old wine snob. I've traveled to over 80 of the 120+ NC wineries over the past few years. Very few stand out, and ever fewer are remarkable or memorable. Fiddler exceeds in all expectations.
    FIddler's Muscadine wines, the base of their experimentations, in their base form, are possibly the best in NC. Despite the grapestalk being local and commons across the state, not many can get the righ balance between alcohol content and sweetness. Then comes the variety of flavors added, from Fortified with brandy to just a bit of peppe to give it some bite. All variations were amazing and worth trying.
  Their Apple wines are the raw basics of perfection. Apple and cinnamon, a basic and simple blend that goes out for the win. I'd like to try it as was suggested, warmed up with some clove.
  The atmosphere of Fiddlers is friendly and welcoming. As if you belonged there, a member of a huge extended family. There's benches, a stage and seating all about. A place built to socialize and meet other guests. This is the place to go, when you need unwind, from a week of work and dealing with the horrors of modern day traffic jams.
   I hold FIddler's in high regard as a hidden gem worth the drive, no matter where you are coming from.

AngelaTom Stenhouse reviewed Fiddler's Vineyard — 5 star·
What a hidden gem! On a whim we decided to stop by, and were blown away by the hospitality and culture. I can't wait to come back with my wife for tastings!! Highly recommend!!Fiddler's Vineyard


Howard Smith--- 5 Star
Another great winery visited by out senior's group. We tasted many of their wines and listened to the story about how they got started. The owner also played and sang several songs for us. Everyone

in our group had a great time and we can't wait to go again.


Enjoyable visit
We had an expired Groupon that we had not gotten a chance to use so last weekend we headed on out to check the vineyard out and use the Groupon.
   The owners were the ones running the tasting bar and they are great fun! It was absolutely lovely to have muscadine wine that was not watered down and had the full body feel of a good muscadine wine. We really enjoyed the rest of the wines too, I am especially a fan of unusual wines which is one of my favorite parts of visiting local wineries. Fiddlers did not disappoint! We went home with a bottle of their 'tootsie roll' wine and a bottle of a very spicy red.
Definitely stop by and watch their FB page for their concerts and don't miss the fiddling! I know we will be!.

Wine and Fiddle Fun
The wines are different than many wineries in the area (and all were refrigerated from what I could tell) and had many different flavors. But the one's I liked I really liked! This is totally why we do tasting b/c you never know what will happen. The owner is super friendly (he calls himself a high-tech redneck) and if you purchase he'll play you a fiddle song. I would love to go back in warmer weather b/c they have concerts, too, that I'm sure are great fun!!Type your paragraph here.

Not your typical winery
We had created a wine trail on the west side of Charlotte and that is what brought us here. What was nice at this winery is that the tasting is free! The tasting is in quite a large shed where they also make and bottle their wines. This is more of a backyard winery with nothing fancy and all are welcomed. The décor is a bit of backyard antique with many fiddles on the wall and a few LP records. Father and daughter perform the tastings and will provide tidbits about the local area by the names and labels on their bottles. All of their wines are very sweet and not at all traditional. This might not be the place for a snobby wine palate but fun for a visit to meet really nice folks!Type your paragraph here.


Interesting winery
I stopped here for a wine tasting (free) and was lucky enough that the owner's
daughter, Jaime was available to do the tasting. She explained the different names of the wines and the history of each. Since I am not from the immediate area, I didn't know much about the
local lore and she was able to enhance the experience with local stories. The tasting room is in
a shed on the property and is decorated with farming antiques. The bar is two old doors that make it very unique. All of the wines are muscadine, scuppernong or fruit and all I tasted were
quite good. One even has cayenne pepper added for a kick! If you are tired of the same old
stuffy wineries, stop in to see the Fiddler. You will not be disappointed !

This was fantastic!
My husband and I went to this winery just for fun this weekend. It was absolutely amazing. Free wine tasting and very affordable bottles. We bought a case. The muscadine fiddlers red was absolutely amazing as well as the peach, watermelon, and pina colada. It's rustic, and relaxing. The owners Mark and Sherry were great and Jamie our wine pourer were great. We happened to come on a Sunday and Sherry explained the process to us as well as allowed us to try the grapes. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a great wine or a quiet place away this is great. They even have wine slushies here. This place is a great local find❤️